Sunday, March 15, 2015

UFC Que Choisir: comparative weight of our consumption between 1984 and 2014

Rather than comparing the prices of different goods carried in 1984 than today, UFC Que Choisir has opted for simplicity to his study for a comparison on the working time base relative to average salary required to offer the same product. So, more or less expensive smartphone without the time and where the mammoth supermarkets still crushed the price? The study reveals some surprises.
Average wages taken into account in this study are in clear: the equivalent of € 12,255 for 1984 and € 26,207 for 2014. And immediately an almost good news: our baguette has not varied, still represents the equivalent of 3 minutes average wage. But in general, the food is rather downward (except chicken that cost only 27 minutes working there 30 years against 30 today), and notes the consumer association: "the food budget is declining over the long term in France, as in almost all developed countries".
By cons, to buy a house (5.1 years in 1984 against 9.7 in 2014) or flat (in Paris, 13.3 years 30 years ago against 24.5 now), prices have almost doubled, Same also for the necessary assurance that goes with it (17 hours today while cost only 10). As for the water for a household (120 m3), it jumped 17 hours 31 hours of the average wage. The cost of heating and lighting have hardly changed against by equivalent work time.
Once you purchase the home, it is still necessary to equip it, and there, a chance, the prices are rather on the downside. A refrigerator or TV does "cost" more than six days in 2014 against 14 days in 1984, and even vacuuming decreased at a lower rate, however: 2 days 3 today against it 30 years ago. "And there is nothing to say that the current equipment will last less time than those of the 1980s," says the association. It is the same for the leisure facilities, such as a computer, "A computer Amstrad CPC 464 was over a month's salary (25 working days, a month into account 22), against only 10 days now for a MacBook infinitely more powerful ". The racket was selling more than twice as expensive (6 hours of average wage currently against 15 in 1984). As for the "Playmobil pirate ship unsinkable", claimed a hue and cry by the children for Christmas, "working time to obtain it was divided by three in 30 years, and is still made in Europe" . Even the issue of the magazine Que Choisir, which specifically allows us to compare the prices, currently purchases for 17 minutes, against 21 in 1984.
As for serious increases, there is the car: to roll Golf GTI today requires 14 months of salary, while it only asked that 9 in 1984 (but are we really talking about the same car?). Although vehicles have nothing in common with those of the time, unless they fall down, says the association, but the repairs are more expensive. By cons, for the fuel that drives them, contrary to popular impression, it fell: 5 minutes today against 8 there 30 years, but these indications are a bit biased since 1984 corresponds to a peak in price.

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